About Me

I was born and raised in Albania.

At the age of thirteen, after watching legendary Albanian actor Kadri Roshi live in the theater, I knew at that moment I wanted to become an actress.

I left my birthplace Albania at the age of fifteen, right after the civil war and came to The United States alone.

I knew no one in the United States. I just had $750 in my pocket, faith, and big dreams. I remember how “grown up” I felt at the time.

My adventure took me from Washington State to Arizona to Brooklyn, New York and then Manhattan.

I started to study acting, singing and dancing. I was fortunate enough that by the age of twenty, I was starting to book professional gigs.

I have traveled the world to perform: singing and dancing. And yet, as the saying goes: “All Roads lead to Rome;” all the roads I have traveled, have led me back to my true love: Acting and New York.

It hasn’t been easy. And I’ve had my “starving artist” days where the only thing I could afford was a $1.49 noodle soup from the deli: (Sorry Mom).

I’m currently working on a play and when I’m not rehearsing or working, I’m usually at home reading (all books on spirituality), meditating and attempting to cook.

I currently live in Astoria, Queens.